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Finley Chapel History

Finley Chapel
Finley Chapel



The Story of Finley Chapel

Located less than 10 miles North of Denton, Finley Chapel began its life as the First United Methodist Church of Krum. The congregation used the building from 1924 until 2009 when they expanded into their new facilities. The foundation of the building was laid in 1924 and houses our reception hall and meeting room.  The sanctuary was added in 1934 and makes the perfect location for wedding ceremonies.  Finally in 1973 the educational wing of the church was added which now accommodates our bride and groom rooms.  Many residents of Krum have fond memories of spending time in the building to either attend church or a special celebration.  Finley Chapel + Venue is honored to preserve the history of this building while also being a part of its future.

Finley Chapel is named after the family that was instrumental in establishing the town of Krum. In the fall of 1886, Louis L. and Gabriella Finley sold 200 acres of their land to the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroads for a town site, which would later become Krum, Texas.  Mr. L.L. Finley would go on to become the town’s first merchant by opening a general store.  Although none of the Finley family remain in Krum today, they still remain an important part of its history.

Finley Chapel + Venue is proud to be a family owned and operated business. Today; weddings, celebrations, events and meetings are held in the unique and historic landmark while still preserving the history for this small hometown called Krum, TX.

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